Prevent Ice From Getting on your Windshield

Scraping off your windshield in the winter can be a royal pain in the butt. If you don't have a garage, you probably dread getting out in the morning and scraping off the ice until you can see through the windshield properly. If you have a garage, well then this article isn't meant for you! Below are some techniques you should consider when you want to prevent ice from getting on your windshield.

Use a special mixture

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I did some research online and found that there are some great techniques you can use with common household items. One of the common recipes I've come across was using 3 parts of vinegar to 1 part of water and simply place it in a spray bottle. Every night before you go in for the night, make sure that you spray all of the windshields with this mixture.

Prevent Ice From Getting on your Windshield

Vinegar will prevent the ice from forming on your windshield. Also remember that you should spray your side passenger windows as well.
If you don't have access to vinegar, you can also use rubbing alcohol as well. All of these items generally run a few dollars at your local grocery store.

Provide a barrier

If you don't like the idea of spraying vinegar and water on your windshield, you can grab an item such as cardboard and spread it across your windshield. The key to this is to make sure that the cardboard is tucked in both the passenger and driver side doors.

In the morning when the ice and snow is on top of your car windshield, simply pull the cardboard off and use your defroster to take away any frost that you have on your windshield. The best place to find cardboard is to either go to a local grocery store to grab some empty boxes they've used or grab some at a local storage place for a small fee.

The two tips are the ones you'll find all over the place when you do research on the net. The best thing to do when researching is to stay away from scummy items that say that it'll prevent ice on your windshield. Most of the times, this spray will be somewhat similar to the vinegar and water. The best thing to do to not only save money and your time is to simply create it yourself.

If the ways above are ways you are uncomfortable with, there really aren't that many more ideas out there that can prevent ice itself. Some auto companies have tried to come out with windshields that were heated along with windshield wipers. This concept hasn't taken off as of late but you can look up patents online to see exactly what it's all about.
If you hate the ice, you can simply move or build a garage if you're that upset about it or you can simply live with it or take actions with the methods above. Who knows, you may have an idea that can save millions the hassle of scraping off ice on their windshield.

Prevent Ice From Getting on your Windshield

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