Muscle Cars - Looking at the Timeline

The classic muscle autos that ruled the era of sixties and seventies are back. Car manufacturers have begun making modern muscle autos and are bringing them in market with a new futuristic image. Although, most people are not huge fan of such muscle cars, they are actually for individuals who love thrill, fun and adventure.

The significant thing about such muscle cars is that they might not be attractive, but they are robust and tough. The outer bonnets of the cars were tough and clumsy, but despite this, muscle autos, of the 60's and 70's were classy. However, they had some aerodynamic related problems within them. These problems can be attributed to the fact that in those days, car technology was not progressed so much.

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In addition, upgrading the transmission system in muscle cars was not possible in yesteryear. People had to find parts of autos, accessories, and shift adaptors to make the upgrade.

Muscle Cars - Looking at the Timeline

Later, modern sleek cars restored these muscle cars. With the improvement in automobile technology, modern day cars became smoother, have utmost horsepower, optimum fuel efficiency and they run well on tracks and on terrain. As, a result new breed of cars look same. They are compact in size, with higher acceleration power and accommodate few people.

Thus, car manufacturers have increased the size of autos and kept the mechanism same and bought the modern day muscular autos in market.

Features Of Modern Day Muscle Autos:

Earlier, if people were to buy muscle autos, they had few options regarding the same. However, now you have different options, because there are several automobile manufacturers in present days. Modern day autos, launched by big automobile manufacturers have mainly upgraded the transmission range of vehicles.

The system incorporates five to six manual transmission systems and has five to six automatic overdrive transmission systems too. These features are present in almost every modern muscular auto, thereby offering greater efficiency to car enthusiast.

These muscular autos are fuel-efficient and give maximum mileage by consuming less amount of fuel. It includes power steering system and an intellectual GPS system. The stress free air extension technology allows you to drive the auto on rough roads with ease.

You can also buy these cars in customized form. The internal system of these autos will remain same as that of the original muscular cars, but automobile design engineers will create a superior and unique exterior for the car, as per your requirement.

Electric Muscle Cars:

If you are concerned about rising gasoline costs, opt for muscular cars that run on electricity. Many big manufacturers have started manufacturing electric autos and very sooner people will start using such autos on road. All you need to do is just charge the battery of such an electricity car for fixed hours before driving.

However, many people are not in favor of electric cars, because of high consumption of electricity. There are also some other technical difficulties in these automobiles. Once, manufacturers overcome these problems, there might be some downfall in the fuel prices.

Muscle Cars - Looking at the Timeline

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